My Christmas Wishlist

I have seen many people do this kind of blog post so I decided to make one myself. These are some gifts that I would love to receive. Some I know that I won't be receiving but I would like to own. What will you be receiving this Christmas?

1. The Body Shop Products

I love this brand and I can never have enough of their products. I especially love their apple and cranberry Christmas sets.

2. Headphones

I don't really have a specific brand of headphones that I would love to receive. (Although the ones above look amazing!) The main reason for wanting them is so I can use them while editing.

3. Gel Eyeliner

I have heard a lot about this kind of eyeliner but I still haven't bought it. It would be a great addition to my ever growing collection of makeup. 

4. Metallic nail polish

There is no denying it, I am addicted to nail polish. I seem to always want a new colour or kind and I never have enough. My latest obsession is metallic nail polish which I don't have any in any colour.

5. CanonT3i

I have been wanting this camera since I first started making YouTube videos. It is an amazing camera both for making videos and taking photos. I don't think that I will be getting it for Christmas as it does cost quite a lot of money. I will try and save up for it this summer.

6. Clothes or Gift Cards

Even though our wardrobes are about to burst, we never have anything to wear. Right? At least in my case. 

7. Books

Books, I always want books. Although I am not that much of a bookworm like I was before I am always looking for a new book to read. I would love to receive Zoe's book 'Girl Online' even if she didn't write it entirely by herself.

8. Candles

My latest obsession is scented candles. I would love to receive some Christmas scented ones to make my room smell all nice and Christmas-y.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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