The Body Shop Special Edition Glazed Apple Set review

I received this cute The Body Shop gift last Christmas and I can't wait to share it with you. I know that it's kind of late (a month and a week to be exact) but I only started using the products yesterday.

The Body Shop Special Edition Glazed Apple Set review

I just love this gift set. It contains 4 items and the scent is amazing. Perfect for the apple lovers! I had actually bought this set for a friend a few weeks before Christmas and I was really tempted to buy one for myself. It is a good thing I didn't give in.

The set comes in this really cute packaging wrapped in a red ribbon. It contains a body & room spray, shower gel, shimmer lotion and a wash cloth. The scent is very sweet, it smells like Glazed Apple and it also contains honey. 

I love the spray. It's really light and leaves you smelling delicious!

The body wash is really nice and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft just like the lotion. The latter is super shimmery but it took me a while to get out of the bottle. (I may or may not have made a mess on my carpet when it suddenly got squeezed out)

I don't believe that this specific set is still available but some different sets can still be bought.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care :)
-Sarah xx