*Future Sarah here. Be aware that this post is filled with over dramatization and exaggeration. If you have read this notice you may continue to read*

Hi :) 

A few days ago me and my friend decided to go to a workplace open day (as I'm interested in discovering jobs that I can one day have). I really don't know if I actually want to share this story or not as it shows what idiots we are haha.

(I have now decided that I will)

So to get to this place we had to take 2 buses. After getting off the first one we decided to walk the rest of the way on foot instead of taking the second one which would have only taken us 5 mins. (We had never been to this place and we had no idea of our surroundings).

We then started walking but soon realised that a. We did not know where we were and b. The street that led to this place was a main road which was supposed to be for vehicles only.

After finally walking along this busy street  we now had to go through an underground passageway to cross the streets. This resulted in us going in circles and ending up on the wrong sides of the roads. (Also I thankfully remembered that my phone had a gps which kind of helped).

When we finally found our way we continued walking and arrived at this place. What was supposed to be a 5 minute journey took us 45 minutes.

After visiting this place, which was in St Venera, we decided to go to Tas-Sliema. (If you are not familiar with Malta, I added a map of all the places mentioned). We then took the bus that went there. I thought that there would be no more setbacks that day. But i was so wrong!

After 15 minutes I turned on the gps to check where we were as I felt that something was wrong. It was a great shock when I realised that we had taken the bus that was coming from Tas-Sliema and heading to Had-Dingli! After some time of not knowing what to do we decided to stop at Ta'Qali in the middle of nowhere. From there we would take the bus back.

As we were crossing the street to the other bus stop I saw a car coming straight towards us. I warned my friend who was in front of me, but it was too late. The car swerved to the other side of the road to avoid her. But the thing was that I was on the other side of the road and now the car was right in front of me. I froze in the middle of the street like a deer in the headlights and I was sure that the car would be the last thing I would ever see.

At that moment the driver turned to the other lane again and I ran to my safety on the pavement. This all happened in a split second but I felt like I was seeing it in slow motion! The car now sped off and I finally calmed down. (My friend will probably say that this is not what happened).

The bus came shortly after and we decided to stop in Birkirkara instead of Tas-Sliema. (Birkirkara is only a few minutes away from St Venera). After grabbing something to eat we headed back home without any more problems.

So this is the story of the day I nearly died. For the last few days I haven't been able to go sleep without seeing the car flash before my eyes haha.

Lessons I have learnt:
1. Always take the bus when I don't know how to get there.
2. Check which bus stop I need to take the bus from.
3. Cars won't stop for you.

I hope that you found it interesting and funny and didn't get bored halfway.

Thanks for stopping by :)