My Favourite Sweaters

Hi everybody :)

I noticed that I haven't posting about anything fashion related in a while so I decided to share with you my favourite sweaters that I have been wearing this winter. Sweaters are my favourite items to wear during the colder months as they are really cute while keeping me warm and cozy.

1. I am obsessed with this sweater. It is by Golddigga in this neon pink/orange colour. I just love its baggy, knitted style. Initially I wasn't going to buy it as I don't usually wear really bright coloured clothes and I thought I would regret buying it. Now I am glad I did as it is my favourite of them them all.

2. My second favourite is this fluffy, mint sweater (it looks greyish in the pictures) which I bought from Orsay. I love the material it was made from as I have never seen any others like it.

3. This is another of my favourites. It is from C & A in this military green colour. I love the embellishments on the sleeves and I think that they give the sweater a nice touch. I bought it last summer while visiting Switzerland.

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  1. nice post :) I have nominated you for the Liebster award Ox

  2. Can't go wrong with gorgeous sweaters - they're perfect! :)

    Layla xx

  3. Good collection

  4. I love the pink one! The colour looks great, and I've never heard of Golddigga looks great, thanks!

    josievictoriaa / fashion, travel and lifestyle


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