Today I'm sharing with you some of my favourite owl themed items. As some of my friends know I'm obsessed with anything owl related.

First up are these earrings. I wear the ones on the right the most and I even mentioned them in a previous post. They are silver with black gems for the eyes and the feathers are all coloured. The ones on the right as you can see, are smaller. The owls are perching on branches, which I find really cute.

This is one of my favourite phone cases. The rim is transparent while on the back there are these really cute and brightly coloured owls. I bought this from an open market in Sicily last summer.

Next is this purse. I received it last Christmas and I have been using it a lot since. I find it really useful for placing some money and my keys in it when I don't need to carry my big purse and I'm in a hurry.

Lastly, I have this little owl decoration. I have had this for a long time and I had stuck a lot of sequins on it but later removed them (that's why there are little circles on the front). I just left the gold ones on its beak.

I still have two weeks of exams left and till now, I have not been doing that well. I hope that I will do better next week.

Thanks for stopping by :)

-Sarah xx