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I don't really have a post today but more of an update to tell you about me, my blog and some exciting news.

First off, today was the start of my O'level exams and I had my first listening exam this afternoon. The next two months will be quite stressful with all the studying and exams. So excuse me if I don't post as frequently.

I have decided to change my blog's name to 'Sarah Anne' because I feel that it is more professional without any numbers. But I did not change the link to the blog as it would cause a lot of confusion as all the other previous links wouldn't work and I would loose a lot of readers.

The last thing that I have to say is quite exciting. In a few month's time, I am going to open a shop where I will sell blogger templates and some other blogging related things. I recently found out that I loved to tweaking with my blog and I would love to help others with theirs.  Currently, I am designing a few templates which will go up for sale once the shop is set up. (click here for a sneak peak of a template which I have designed) Until then I would love to help you with your blogs. If you want I will write a post with a lot of helpful CSS. Would you be interested?

Thanks for stopping by :)

-Sarah xx