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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hello :)

I am really sorry about the lack of posts in the last week but as I mentioned in my previous post I have a lot of work to do because of some impending doom (exams). But anyway, today I'm sharing with you my everyday makeup routine. I don't usually wear a lot of makeup but when I do, this is what I apply.


I start off by applying the Instant Age-Rewind Concealer by Maybelline under my eyes and over blemishes. I then apply some powder by Rimmel. I rarely wear foundation as I feel that I look overdone.

Next I apply a little bit of this blush from H & M in dazzling peach. I really like this shade as it is not too bright and the colour is really nice.

I usually skip eyeshadow, but when I have the time I apply the lightest shade on my eyelid and the darkest in the crease. I really like this little palette from H & M as it has the shades that I use the most. I also use the brown to fill in my eyebrows.

Next I use this Essence felt tip liner to make a simple line. It is not the best eyeliner for precision and wears off quite easily but I think that it's fine for everyday use. On my lashes I apply some of this Essence I ♡ Extreme Volume Mascara.

Finally I apply this pomegranate lip balm from Sierra Bees which is made using organic ingredients and it smells amazing. If I feel like it I will also apply this lipstick from Kiko in Candy Rose.

Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for stopping by :)

-Sarah xx

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  1. I use the same blush as you and I Love it !

  2. I use that same concealer and it rocks



  3. Do they sell Kiko in the UK? I've never seen it but the products look really good! :)

    1. I don't know if they do. I bought these products when I visited Italy

  4. Great blog♥

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  5. I want to try out the Sierra Bees chapstick! Great post as always Sarah!

    1. Thanks! The chapstick is really nice :)

  6. WOW looks good !!

    Amazing post :D

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    Have a nice day


  7. Oh great makeup to start your day
    I love it
    So simple

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  8. Wow!<3 Such a great post! I am so in love with your blog! Keep doing!<3 I think the make-up looks amazing! :)

    Hanna by voll verpinselt

  9. This is a really nice make-up routine.

    Candidly Chloe xx

  10. I haven't actually tried any of these products! I've heard so many great things about that Maybelline concealer, but I always put off picking it up because of the sponge applicator. I'll definitely have to give it a go! The shade of that Kiko lipstick in stunning and so perfect for S/S!

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty


    1. I love the concealer. You should give it a try. Thanks for stopping by :)


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