What to do when you are feeling down

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Photo from unsplash. Edited by me

Life is beautiful but there are times when we just feel sad and lonely. It happens to everybody and we have to deal with it. Here are some things to do when you are feeling sad.

1. Music // This always helps me feel better. Listening to my favourite songs always makes me forget all my problems. 

2. YouTube // I am currently obsessed with watching Zoe and Alfie's vlogs! I think that I watched at least 20 today haha. I always get absorbed in the video and get my mind off things.

3. Talk to someone // You shouldn't ever block all your problems. Talk to someone who you trust about what is bothering you. This could be your parents, friends, aunts, uncles, cat, dog, guinea pig.... (maybe the last ones are not a good idea but pets can always comfort you)

4. Hobbies // This could be drawing, dancing, sports, video games, trying out makeup... Anything that distracts you.

4. Get some fresh air // Get out of your bed and go outside (unless it's raining) Go for a walk, even round the block. This will help to clear your mind.

5. Be positive // Don't look only at the bad side of everything, try to find a positive aspect of the situation and if there isn't, do something good yourself.

Hope this helped and remember that things change.

Thanks for stopping by :) 

-Sarah xx

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  1. I think this is going to be so helpful, thank you!

  2. Love this so much! I haven't been feeling great lately so I really appreciate posts like this. :)


  3. A great, very positive post. We all have down days and sometimes we don't even know why. These are some very good tips! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  4. Aww I really love posts like this one. Love to read them.

    Have a nice week.

    xox Luna from http://prettylittlelunas.blogspot.ch/

  5. Wow such a lovely post! Really enjoyed it!

  6. Loved this post, so so helpful!x


  7. I agree with music cheering people up, especially my favourite songs! I've now followed you on Bloglovin :) Rebecca | www.rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx

  8. Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with all of your points. Some other things that I do are having some well-deserved pamper time and watching comedies! This always works for me as well. :) Lottie x


  9. Yes, you are right.
    Life is beautiful to be stress out.
    Thanks for sharing some tips.

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

    1. I'm glad you like it and I will check out your post :)

  10. Great list, usually if I have a bad day and the next morning is a very sunny day, I automatically feel better! I think to myself, "I get another day in this roller coaster of life, and it's sunny and gorgeous and I should just be thankful for that." and it makes me feel better :) so does fresh air!

    Ree // Coffee with Ree

  11. Thanks for this inspiring post! I was definitely feeling a little downw earlier today and I completely agree with al of your tips! listening to good music really helps!


    1. I am really happy that you found this helpful :)

  12. I've always found music helpful and strangely youtube too! X

    Black and Navy on the blog-

  13. Music is always my answer too.

  14. This is such a lovely post! I have definitely found this helpful on a gloomy Friday morning!
    Jennie Emma

  15. I love this post! Everything on your list is absolutely perfect for getting through the tough times in life. It can be so hard to remain positive. Thanks for posting this! It is truly inspiring.

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it ^-^


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