Photo from unsplash. Edited by me

Life is beautiful but there are times when we just feel sad and lonely. It happens to everybody and we have to deal with it. Here are some things to do when you are feeling sad.

1. Music // This always helps me feel better. Listening to my favourite songs always makes me forget all my problems. 

2. YouTube // I am currently obsessed with watching Zoe and Alfie's vlogs! I think that I watched at least 20 today haha. I always get absorbed in the video and get my mind off things.

3. Talk to someone // You shouldn't ever block all your problems. Talk to someone who you trust about what is bothering you. This could be your parents, friends, aunts, uncles, cat, dog, guinea pig.... (maybe the last ones are not a good idea but pets can always comfort you)

4. Hobbies // This could be drawing, dancing, sports, video games, trying out makeup... Anything that distracts you.

4. Get some fresh air // Get out of your bed and go outside (unless it's raining) Go for a walk, even round the block. This will help to clear your mind.

5. Be positive // Don't look only at the bad side of everything, try to find a positive aspect of the situation and if there isn't, do something good yourself.

Hope this helped and remember that things change.

Thanks for stopping by :) 

-Sarah xx