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I saw this cute nail design idea on a blog a few days ago and today I decided to try it out. (I have totally forgotten who's blog it was so I'm really sorry!) Before I start I want to say that after much deliberation I have decided to create a Facebook page for my blog. Feel free to check it out :)

This nail design was really easy to make. You only need some tape which you cut into the shape of a triangle (or any other shape). Using tweezers really helps with placing the tape on the nails easily. For this I wanted to use a bright polish to contrast the negative space so I used a red polish from Essence in the shade 115 Redvolution. It is a lovely pinkish-red colour. To finish off I applied a clear top coat to prevent the polish from chipping.

I love how they turned out and it was quite fun to make. This is perfect for anyone who wants to do something really easy and change up the usual one shade of polish look.

Have you tried this negative space design yet?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx