Fat shaming, body positivity, the perfect body

How is your weekend going? Today I am going to talk about something a little different than what I usually write about. But it's something that I wanted to get off my mind.

I was just scrolling on Facebook when a photo of Selena Gomez popped up. She was in a bathing suit which showed off her lovely body and I said to myself, I think that I am about the same size as her so if she's a celebrity and embracing her body then I am at a good weight. But then I went to the comments section and my heart just sank. Nearly all the comments were about her weight and saying "ew you're fat", "lose some weight", "you look really big" etc... This immediately made me feel insecure about myself as I had just compared myself to her.

Don't these people know that they are not only hurting her but many other women around the world who have the same body as her? I don't think that she even sees these comments so it hardly affects her. I also highly doubt that the people who said these awful things have the 'perfect body'. So why do they still do it?

I am a UK size 8/10 and I do sometimes feel that I am 'too big' as I look nothing like celebrities and models. But I know that I am fine and that it is all in my head. With all of this pressure to be 'perfect', a person cannot help to not feel right.

I don't think that it is a really good place where our culture is headed, where everybody needs to be the same and compares each other. I know that this contradicts what I said earlier but that is just an effect of constantly hearing these things.

And to finish off this post here's a quote by the ever fierce and funny Jennifer Lawrence who I definitely admire.

I am sorry if you weren't expecting this kind of post and that it was a little rambly but I needed to address this.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx