Some weeks ago I was introduced to Dresslink which is an online clothing shop that sells many different items for really cheap prices. I put together a summer wishlist not long ago of the things that I really liked. Today I am showing you the things that I was kindly sent to review.

Geometrical Print Kimono*-HERE

First up is this geometrical print kimono with a lace trim at the bottom ($8.77). I am currently obsessed with kimonos so I couldn't say no to this one. This is the item that I liked the most as I think that the pattern looks really pretty and the lace adds a nice touch.

Cat Eye Sunglasses*-HERE

Next I have these really cute cat eye sunglasses which are semi rimless ($2.93). I was really tempted to buy the pink ones but I decided to go for these instead as I think that they are more wearable. They are really sturdy and I really like this style of sunglasses.

Golden Eyeshadow Brush Set*-HERE

I love this eye shadow brush set ($2.59) that I ordered. These are the golden version but there are other colours available. They are of great quality and I love the little metal tube they come in. I think that this makes the set perfect for traveling and they are also quite small.

Polka Dot Dress*-HERE

Lastly I have this polka dot dress ($8.77). This is the only item that I don't like as I don't feel like it resembles the picture on the site and looks awful on me. The material is also a little strange. This dress was on a special sale for only $0.01 at the time I ordered which I found unbelievable. I would suggest not buying items that are on a special offer.

All in all I am really happy with the items found in Dresslink and I would definitely recommend checking out this site if you are looking for affordable fashion.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx