Usually I love every product that I buy but there are some items that I wish I had left at the store. I don't have a lot since I haven't been that into makeup for a long time but these are the four things that I regret buying.

From left to right: Essence lipgloss, H&M bronzer, Essence coverstick

First up is the Essence Coverstick concealer in 04 True Nude. I was really disappointed when I first used it. It is really hard to apply and you have to thug on the skin which is never a good thing for the delicate eye area. It is also really hard to blend and makes the skin look really dry, patchy and flaky. I tried to blend it with some moisturiser but it still looked awful.

If you have read my Top 5 Lip Products post you have heard about this lipgloss from Essence in 19 Nude Candy. It was the first one that I ever bought. The formula is really runny and doesn't look good on the lips. The shade is a really light pink one and it is full of glitter. That' probably why I have never worn it.

Next I have a Bronzing powder from H&M in the shade Gorgeous Tan. It was my first time buying a bronzer so I went for the lightest shade as I wasn't so sure bronzing. It ended up being too light for my skin as you can see from the photo above. In the summer it is barely visible since I get tanner so I can't use this product but I think that it would look good on people with lighter skin.

The last think is this Kiko Glow Touch lips & cheeks in 100 Intuition Peach. Now, I regret buying this product for a different reason as I really like the shade and the formula. The thing is that it's impossible to open and haven't been able to use it in the last couple of months. (That's why there isn't a swatch of it) The only way to solve this problem is to break the tin but I'm too lazy to do that!

As you can probably tell some of these products where my first purchases and that's the reason why I bought the wrong things. I also want to say that just because I don't like these specific products, doesn't mean that I don't like the brand.

On another note I am finally done with my O'Level exams and the summer holidays have started! That means that I can focus more on my blog and expect a youtube video soon!

Have you ever tried any of these products?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx