Hello! I was recently looking for a new bikini as I still haven't bought one and it's already mid-June! Most of the bikinis in the shops have already been taken and the ones left are either mismatched or only available in limited sizes. So I thought I would look online and these are the bikinis that caught my eye.

I love anything with a floral print and that's why I chose most of these. I also love black and white ones as they are both simple yet stylish.  The high waisted trend has been a favourite of mine but haven't bought any bikinis in this style yet. Triangl Swimwear bikinis are gorgeous but since they are a little too expensive I found this colour block bikini which is very similar and much more affordable. My favourites from this wishlist have to be the Lipsy floral bikini and the Topshop floral bikini. I love both of the styles as they are a little different then the average bikini.

What do you think of these bikinis and have you bought one yet?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx