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Hello! A few weeks ago I visited the hairdresser for a trim and she advised that I change my hair products as my hair was lacking in moisture. Therefore I went ahead and bought a whole new load of products.

For shampoo I bought a Creightons Argan Smooth Deep Moisture Shampoo. The company claims that it is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil which is rich in antioxidants to deeply condition and revive hair for soft, shiny results leaving the hair moisturised and protected for perfectly healthy hair every day. The first thing that I have to say about it is that it smells amazing! The scent is quite pleasant without being too strong. Another plus is that it lathers a lot which is some thing that I look for in a shampoo.

The Argan Smooth Deep Conditioning Masque is a deep conditioning masque that strengthens the hair for silky soft, smooth results. The scent is the same as the shampoo. The only thing that I don't like is that it is quite small and as you can see it is already half empty after only a few uses. My hair is not short so I will soon have to get another.

I previously used a mousse but the hairdresser recommended a leave-in cream. I picked up a Suave Natural Infusion Strengthening Light Leave-In Cream. (That's a mouthful!) It is enriched with awapuhi ginger and honeysuckle which make hair stronger, preventing breakage for thick, full looking hair that’s easier to style. It is recommended to apply to damp hair after washing but it works on dry hair by applying only a small amount.

The last thing that I bought is a Suave Heat Protection Spray as I didn't have one and lately I have been using a lot of heat on my hair. It contains a thermal defense serum to help defend hair against heat damage from hair dryers, flat irons and curlers. I have only used it once but I did notice that my hair remained shiny after using the hair dryer.

After a few weeks of using these products I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair. It always looks healthy, shiny and smooth. Another thing that I noticed is that it is much easier to manage my curly hair.

What are your favourite hair products?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx