my travel essentials

Hello! As some of you may or may not know I am currently on holiday so I thought I would show you the things I always take with me while travelling.

Head Phones - I love to listen to music while I'm on the plane or in the bus. It helps to block out the outside noises and that way I can get some rest. I prefer these kind rather than the larger ones as they take up more space.

Hand Cream - Flights can make the skin feel dry so a hand cream comes in handy. I love this strawberry one from The Body Shop. 

Blotting Tissues - While travelling it may be difficult to find a place to freshen up so I just use a blotting tissue for a quick fix. These remove the oils and dirt that have clogged up the skin and pores.

Lip Balm - Flights can also dry the lips so I always bring along my trusty lip balm.

Perfume - After a certain amount of time spent travelling you may not smell amazing anymore so a quick spritz will fix this problem. I prefer to take a small sample sized perfume instead of a full sized one.

External Charger - It's not always easy to find a power outlet so an external charger is a useful thing to carry around.

Notebook - When I'm bored I love to sketch or write down mt thoughts to pass the time so I always carry around a notebook.

What are some of your travel essentials?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx