Hello! Today I'm sharing with you some snaps from my birthday which was on the 14th of July. Since I was turning 16 (which I still can't yet get used to saying) I wanted to do something different for my birthday so I invited some of my friends and spent two days at a relative of mine's seaside flat. It was really fun living by ourselves and I want to apologize for all the noise we made! I was really surprised that the neighbours didn't tell us to shut up in the middle of the night!

Me and my friend baked all of the cupcakes and also the cake. Obviously they were not perfect as we did burn the melting chocolate on the first try and the cake was definitely not a red velvet one. Nonetheless we had a lot of fun making them and we're quite happy that we managed to make them edible and delicious! We also bought some pizzas to share between us. My favourite is Hawaiian pizza as you can probably tell from the photo. We spent the night watching films, singing, dancing and even a trip to the ice cream truck at 12.30 am in pajamas! In the morning we went down to the beach for a swim and more ice cream.

I also gave my friends a goody bag each which I ordered from Prairie Charms. Each goody bag contained a bow, a butterfly bobby pin, sweets (highlight of the bag!), balloon, hair ties, glitter, confetti and tiny cupcake cases. I think that the bags were really cute and my friends liked them.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of my friends who made my day extra special and I appreciate the time we spend together! Another big thank you goes to my parents who have always been there for me in the past 16 years of my life!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx