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Another month has gone by and I didn't even notice! I have to say that September came and went the fastest out of the last few months, probably because it the last month of summer and I was trying to make the most out of it. Now let's get on with my favourites.

Essence maximum definition volume mascara // I picked up this mascara a few weeks ago and I have been wearing it nearly every day since. Although it states that it's a volume mascara I feel like it is more of a lengthening one. The brush design is new to me as I had never tried a plastic one. The bristles are really close together and coat even the smallest lashes while they don't clump them together. I was wearing this mascara in a recent post and as you can see it looks lovely and natural.

The Body Shop blueberry body scrub-gelee // I found this scrub during a late August sale with a 40% off deal and I couldn't leave it there! Upon the first impression I was not as pleased with the scent but I have grown to love it. The scrub is a jelly like texture with seeds and small granules that help to exfoliate the skin. It was a special edition product so I don't think that it is available anymore although you may still find it in some shops.

Yankee Candle honey glow // If you didn't know already, I am a crazy candle lady especially during Autumn as I think that you can find the best scents during this time. This candle has a sweet scent which creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. I used this candle in my Autumn post and many of you seemed interested in it and I definitely recommend checking it out! You can check out my candle collection, although it has obviously grown since.

The Body Shop tea tree oil // My my skin is quite sensitive and very prone to breakouts. It starts to act up even with a slight change in weather and after only a few days of neglecting my skin care routine. Tea tree oil has been my savior lately. I apply this with a cotton pad to my my breakouts and it has been helping a lot with keeping the pimples at bay. (I may or may not have smashed it right after taking the photo. Fortunately I had a an empty bottle laying around and I was able to save some of the oil)

Sierra Bees pomegranate lipbalm // Lately my lips have been feeling a little dry and this lipbalm is the only one I have been using. It really nourishes the lips and I love the scent.

Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx