Hello! As you can clearly tell my blog finally has a new name and layout or maybe you can't because you're new, than hello let me introduce myself.

I am Sarah, 16 years old currently living in Malta. I have had this blog for more than a year but I don't know if that counts as I only started taking blogging seriously last January. As I mentioned in my previous post and many other post before, I was not happy with the previous url which was sarahanne14.blogspot.com. Mainly because I had chosen it without thinking when I started and I felt like it did not represent my blog well and was not 'professional' enough.

That is why today I bring to you a kind of new beginning and relaunch of my blog. A few days ago I made the plunge and decided to change the url. While I was at it, I bought my own domain and a beautiful new template. Everything went well and without a hitch but I couldn't have done it without google and some tips that Bash from Hey Bash kindly gave me! I have also gone ahead and changed all of my social media usernames so everything will be as seamless as possible.

What Sarah Writes will not be any different than Sarah Anne but hopefully the content will be improved, I hope. So here's to a new chapter in my blog's life!

What do you think of the What Sarah Writes?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx