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From left to right: Marc Jacobs // Felix Rey // Kate Spade // DKNY // Vera Bradely

When the weather begins to change the outfits do as well which is why every fashionista must have the best umbrella to match her autumn style! Here are some cute umbrellas which I have rounded up with additional information about the brand that created them.

1. Marc Jacobs designed this cheerful spring umbrella with a whimsical women in mind. He has no problem changing up his designs to make them very versatile. When asked how does his design process differ from one of his lines vs. the others and if he has a different woman in mind for each label, Marc Jacobs said that he's schizophrenic—no problem switching gears.

2. Felix Rey heart umbrella was designed by Lily Rafii Band and Sulaika Zarrouk. With writing all over this cute umbrella, Lily may have taken being organized a little too far by moving her mental notes to the wrong place (even though it turned out adorable). Having two babies with business consultant, Doug Band, Lily speaks about the importance of staying organized the best she can. Lily says that with two little babies at home, being organized has changed her life. Instead of mental notes and post-its, she make lists, keeps a family calendar at home, and sticks to a schedule as best as she can. 

3. Kate Spade is the talented designer of this fabulous umbrella! Her brand took off in 2004 a couple years after realizing there was a need for an elegant yet simple style of handbags in the industry. Does the name Spade sound familiar? Kate’s brother in-law is the famous and hilarious comedian, David Spade, who might be seen carrying around this pink umbrella to make a statement. No? for some reason I could see it happening. “Playing dress up begins at age 5, and truly never ends” -Kate Spade 

4. DKNY is the brand created by the remarkable designer, Donna Karan.She says that the most important lesson life has thought her is to be open to new ideas and that’s just what she has done. This cute polka dot umbrella brightens up a rainy day and could match a variety of different outfits. “For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions.” -DK

5. Vera Bradley is a brand that has taken the fashion world by storm. Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller are the co-founders of this successful brand named after Barbara’s mother, Veronica Bradley. Those who knew Vera agreed that her life was always full, fun and colorful; which this floral umbrella reflects beautifully. “I believe in the power of positive thinking…you have to always have in your mind that you can do it. I also believe your passion is like a mirror, always reflecting back to you what you see/show out.” - Patricia Miller

Which one of these umbrellas is your favourites?

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Post by Adam King