christmas nails, christmas nail art, easy nail art

Hello! I hope that you are all doing well. Today I'm sharing with you these fun nail art designs that are perfect for every Christmas lover.

christmas nails, christmas nail art, easy nail art
Accessorize Stiletto Red / Kiko Indigo / Accessorize First Dance / Essence Wild White Ways / Essence Black is Black

Start by applying two layers of white polish on all the nails.

Santa // Using the red apply a thin stripe at the top for the hat and a tiny curved line for the mouth. With the light pink apply a thick strip for the face. For the eyes use a dotting tool or tooth pick dipped in black polish.

Christmas Sweater // Using the read polish place a dot in the middle of the nail and draw tiny crosses around it. Then apply dots in a straight line at the top and the bottom.

Snowflake // With blue polish draw a plus sign and then a cross on top of it. You can also draw short lines from the longer lines if you have more space. This will make it look more like a snowflake.

Present // Using the red polish draw two perpendicular lines and then draw a bow where the lines meet.

Snowman // With a dotting tool place two dots at the top for the eyes and six smaller dots for the mouth. Using orange or red draw a small triangle in the middle for the nose.

I hope that you liked these nail ideas and I think that they look lovely together. You can also choose to only use one design at a time if you don't want to go over the top!

You are probably wondering where I have been for a whole month! Well, I can kind of explain that.

November was really hectic as I had many tests and a lot of work and studying to do and I was left with only a little bit of free time. After these two weeks I went trough a bloggers block and didn't have any motivation so I thought that I would just have a break. I am now back with many fun post ideas and I hope that I will be back to my blogging routine soon.

What do you think of these designs?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah xx