To celebrate my 100th post on What Sarah Writes I have decided to share a list of confessions or bad habits that I have which are either a result of blogging or kind of go against the whole purpose of beauty blogging.

1. I actually don't own a lot of makeup apart from lipsticks and eyeshadows

2. If I go to a makeup store I 'need' to swatch everything

3. Makeup is only a hobby to me so the little knowledge that I have comes from experimenting

4. Taking blog photos is my favourite part but the hardest task in getting a post published

5. I don't wash my makeup brushes as often as I should

6. To get a post done from start to finish it takes me around two hours minimum

7. I have never had my nails professionally done

8. I spend too much time planning and writing posts

9. Makeup is the only thing that I keep organized in my room

10. I rarely wear sunscreen or lotion

11. I can never get my photos to be as white and as bright as I want them to be

12. The oldest makeup item that I have is a light up High School Musical lipgloss. Don't worry, I don't wear it anymore!

13. I pick at my nail polish when I get nervous and I can go weeks with chipped polish

14. I keep makeup items way past their use by dates

15. I often stay up late at night writing posts and reading other blogs

What are some of your confessions?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sarah x