Until recently I had always been more into matte eyeshadows but lately I started experimenting more with shimmery ones. For today's post I decided to round up some of my favourites.

MUR Romantic Smoked pearly white, pink shimmer, purple brown  // Caramel Loose Eyeshadow // MUR Hot Smoked golden brown // MaxFactor Dawning Gold // Kiko 119 Pearly Nutmeg

As you can probably tell from the photos above, I am really into neutral looking ones like browns, coppers and golds.

The ones that I have been using the most are the first three shades from the MUR Romantic Smoked redemption palette. These shades are a pearly white, pink shimmer and a purple brown. The shades from this palette are so pigmented and I love the lovely selection. I even featured it in my June favourites.

Another favourite of mine is this Caramel Loose Eyeshadow. It is not as pigmented as the other shades but I think that it works great over a matte eyshadow to add a bit of shimmer. This one came with a magazine so I don't really know what the brand is. But I'm sure that there are so many brands that do similar pigments in this shade like Kiko, Nyx and Mac. 

Since I am not that adventurous when it comes to eyeshadow, I don't wear a lot of the shades from the MUR Hot Smoked redemption palette. But I have been loving the golden brown one. It is very pigmented and I have been mostly wearing it as an all over the lid eyeshadow. 

The coppery shade from the MaxFactor Dawning Gold duo palette has been another favourite of mine. Since it is very shimmery and pigmented I wear it more for going out rather than everyday . To my dismay this palette has been discontinued since my December Favourites posts but I'm sure that you can find a similar shade in their other palettes.

The Kiko single shadow in 119 Pearly Nutmeg is one of my most recent additions. It is very similar the the golden brown shade of the MUR palette. The only difference is that it is less pigmented and less shimmery which means that it's more wearable for everyday.

Do you prefer matte or shimmery eyshadows?

Sarah x