I have kind of grown obsessed with the embroidery trend lately and as you will be able to tell from my future outfit posts!

I find that the delicate patterns of embroidery add a nice touch to any item of clothing. As you can tell from my picks I prefer floral patterns, especially red ones. The jeans, skirt and dress are an example of this. The embroidery on the each side creates a lovely effect on the somewhat plain items. Lace and embroidery are two which go really well together so I fell in love when I saw this dress. I also think that purple toned floral embroidery looks lovely. I have been on the hunt for an autumn bomber jacket lately so that's the reason why I picked this one. On the other hand I also like gold embroidery patterns just like the flats and bag. The geometric pattern on the bag is a bit different to what I went for with the other picks but it's still a gorgeous piece. The flats are so cute and I couldn't resist not adding them. They would be perfect for everyday wear or for more formal outfits.

In totally unrelated news, I have some important exams coming up next week so please forgive me if I miss a post or two. You may have noticed that I have not been responding to comments or returning them and this is the reason why! It's been quite a hectic few weeks lately with all the studying and I can barely remember the last time I saw the light of day (Not really but you get what I'm saying) *cry emoji*

Which item would you pick?

Sarah x