Last week I shared a post on 10 things to do in London and today I am dedicating a whole post on the makeup and other bits and bobs that I bought while there. I have only been using these items for about a week so these are only my first impressions and more in depth reviews will come your way sooner or later.

I also bought quite a lot of clothes (I mean how can you not buy a lot when you are surrounded by so many amazing shops?!) Although I have decided against doing a whole post on them. You will hopefully be seeing them in future outfit looks.

 Accessorize Rings - £4.50 (similar)

While walking along the lovely streets in Camden, me and my mum saw that there was a sale in Accessorize and we both decided to go and have a look. I found this set of assorted rings (that was missing a few) which was half priced and decided to buy it. Now I am not such a fan of rings but I think that these are so cute. Obviously I won't wear them all at once but I will probably wear more rings from now on.

In the H&M home section on Oxford Street I found this really cute pineapple ornament which I later found out that it was in fact a candle. I immediately picked it up as I thought that it would be perfect for blog photos (I don't know if I ever stop thinking about my blog!). I also saw a really cute glass box with metal edges but I decided against it as it would have not made it back home in one piece!

In Camden we also spotted a Boots and I basically bought nearly all the beauty bits featured in this post from there. I think that this brow pencil is one of my favourite purchases. Till now I did not have any "proper" brow products and just used an eyeshadow that matched my eyebrows. This pencil makes it so easy and quick to fill in and shape and I also love that it comes with a brush on the other end.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £3.00

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this but I decided to try it out anyway. I find that it's great for refreshing your face after a long, hot day and removes makeup really well. Even mascara and eyeliner although I am not sure about the 200 uses claim.

Benefit Gimme Brow - £18.50 (full version)

On the last day I decided to purchase a magazine to read during the flight back home. I immediately noticed that Glamour had a Benefit Gimme Brow sample and I had to get it. When else could I get another opportunity to try it for only £2 along with a magazine?! First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. Just look at it! Second of all, I was kind of let down. I found that the shade is a bit too light for my brows and when I apply the product it kind of makes me washed out. On top of that I left the magazine in the hotel room so I never got to read it. What a deeesaster!

While browsing the books in a book store I came across a section of books about London so I decided to buy some as a souvenir. 'I never knew that about London' is a collection of short facts and stories about the places of interest around the River Thames. It is more of a coffee table book as you can open a random page and read a random fact about a particular place. On the other hand 'London Stories' is a collection of short stories by different authors from 1603 till 1999 dealing about that time period. I am not a really big fan about this book as the earlier stories are written in an older version of English and are harder to read.

Primark Blender Sponges - £1.50 (similar)

I didn't get to go through all the Primark beauty and home sections but I managed to pick up these blender sponges which are essentially a cheap version of the beauty blender. I don't have any sponge applicators to compare them to but till now I haven't found any problems with them. They make application easier and leave a really natural finish when applying foundation.

Since I had forgotten to pack an antibacterial gel I decided to pick up this one from Boots. It feels very refreshing once applied and also smells really nice while not being overpowering. Another thing that I like is that a little amount goes a long way.

Upon first applying this I noticed three things about me. Firstly, I am horrible at filling in my lips. Second, my lips are horribly dry and third, I have an obsession with nearly the same nude colour. Apart from that I quite like it. It does not feel too uncomfortable on the lips, dries quickly and stays on even after eating (although reapplying is a better idea).

I am a really big fan of felt tip eyeliners and I usually stick to the Essence one but I decided to try something new. Since Soap & Glory is not available in Malta I picked up this one. It has a really nice tip that allows precision and perfect for creating a neat cat eye. I also love that it has very dark ink.

Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Pearls - £1.99 (Tropical Tan)

I have been seeing a lot of products from this brand being featured on other people's blogs so I was really interested in trying them out. I picked up these two products. One is a blush and the other is a blush/bronzer/highlighter mix. I was most excited to try out the latter as it is not something that I previously owned and it looks so pretty! For only being £1.99 each, I was pleasantly surprised by their quality and colour pay off.

I left the best thing for last. Since Lush products are not available in my country I spent a really long time in the shop looking at everything and in the end I only chose one item. This Lush bubble bar has one of the nicest smells and I'm so excited to use it. Although  really don't want to break it up yet as I don't know when I will get to try Lush products again!

Have you tried any of these products?

Sarah x