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Essence cosmetics makeup look

If you have been reading my blog for a long time you will have noticed my love for Essence cosmetics. I love this brand for their affordable yet high quality beauty items. I have been using their products for a long time and my first makeup bits where by this brand. Last year I took part in a lucky dip type event so I have collected a fair amount. Today I decided to create a look just using products from this brand and this is the result.

Essence cosmetics makeup look

Essence cosmetics makeup look products

Okay, I have to say that I kind of cheated since I used a foundation and concealer that I always use. My skin is prone to breakouts and when I find base products that work I don't change them in the hope of getting less pesky pimples. Also please excuse my frizzy hair and shiny, red face. It is currently very hot and humid here! So let's get into the actual products that I use.

After applying foundation and concealer I applied the mattifying compact powder in pastel beige all over my face. I have had it for a year and used it nearly everyday and I still have not hit the pan. I don't know how it's possible but it makes me like it even more. As I blush I used the liquid blush in waka waka. It was part of a limited collection so I don't think that's it's available anymore. If you come across it definitely pick it up since it's a lovely cherry shade and a little bit goes a long way. At first it does look a bit intimidating but upon blending with a brush or fingers it turns into a natural pink colour.

Brows are next. I was actually going to apply the clear brow gel only since I did not have any other products to fill them in with. Then I decided to try to fill them in with the black eyeshadow. This could have gone really wrong (black slugs is not a look that I go for) but the experiment turned out okay since the shadow is not too pigmented. I finished off with the clear brow gel to help keep my brows in place.

For the eyes I decided to go for a light smokey eye. This is not what I usually apply since I'm more of a warmer toned eye look kind of person. The palette that I used is this quattro eyeshadow palette in xoxo that I got aaages ago. I started out by applying the silver all over the lid and the black in the outer corner. With a fluffy brush I blended everything nicely and finished off with a little bit of the white in the middle of the lid and under my brow bone. Using a pencil dome brush I blended a bit of black eyeshadow along my lower lash line. For my eyeliner I applied the superfine eyeliner pen which is a holy grail in my everyday routine. A quick coat of the maximum definition volume mascara finished the eyes.

The xxxl longlasting lipgloss in baby doll's favourite completes the look. It is a lovely coral pink shade and prefect for spring and summer. I had actually forgotten about this for a long time after wearing it nearly everyday but I have recently rediscovered it.

Overall I'm quite happy with how the whole look turned out and I love the eyeshadow. As I said it's not what I usually go for and I was kind of experimenting with it.

Which Essence products do you recommend?

Sarah x



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  1. I love this look! Very natural & simple, But yet so sleek & put together. Ugh I love essence too!

    Shari |Coco Valour

  2. You look very pretty! I have never tried any Essence product before, but I will make sure to check them out.


  3. How great you share your makeup routine
    I also love Essence, great quality and low price
    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
    Follow Me On Instagram *Click*

  4. Ohh I adore essence makeup too! That eyeliner in particular looks beautiful. Lovely look! x
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

  5. I have never tried Essence, as it's not widely available in France, but I would love to! You've convinced me every time you've spoken positively about an Essence product. I love the eye look :)

    Julia x

  6. I've used a few Easence products, and it's one of my favourite drugstore brands! I love there lip products and powders! Eyeliner is a hit and miss for me though...

    xx   BASH   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

  7. great look! the gloss finishes off the look perfectly well!

    Not tried essence much, I totally should!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. This is a lovely look, your eyeliner looks perfect! I've actually never tried Essence but I really want to as I always hear people talking about the brand!
    Amy xx

  9. That is such a pretty look! I am looking forward to try some products from that brand!

  10. Loved this post Sarah! I love essence cosmetics, especially their nail polishes. Also love your blog layout, it is so pretty xx

  11. This is such a pretty look! I've been trying a few more things from Essence lately, and I really like what I've tried ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  12. i love the look you came up with. personally i don't like essence that much. they have some very nice products but the majority did not work for me.

  13. Amazing look dear, just follow you on GCP facebook instagram and google +, hope you do the same..
    kiss from

  14. Your final makeup look is stunning! You did a great job x


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