eyebrow routine

For me brows are an important part of any makeup look as they help to frame the face and make your features more defined. Today I am sharing with you my eyebrow routine, how I tame them and the products that I use.

eyebrow routine

My brows are not too hard to maintain so I mostly do them my self. I start by tweezing and cleaning up the brows to make the shape more defined. Then I brush them up with a brush and using a small pair of scissors I trim the hairs that are longer. I then brush the hairs downwards and do the same thing. Above I inserted a photo of before and after cleaning up the shape.

For everyday brows I use the BarryM BrowWow in light-medium which I featured in my August favourites. It is very easy to fill the sparse gaps and the waxy products makes the brows stay in place. It also has a spoolie brush at the opposite end which I use after filling in to disperse the colour and make them more natural.

When I have more time on my hands I fill them in with the matte brown shade from the MUR romantic smoked palette. The brush that I always use the the flat angled brush from the Tmart bamboo brush set that I reviewed a while ago. I start from the front of the brow and apply the shadow in strokes that follow the growth of the hair. I feel like this makes the brows look more natural. To finish off I use the clear gel from Essence to hold the hairs in place.

What are some eyebrow products that you cannot live without?