I have actually been blogging for more than two years now and during this time I have gathered a few tips that I try to follow. Obviously I am not an expert and these are just my own personal opinions which I have decided to share with you today.

1. Plan posts

Having a diary or planner is honestly a life saver when it comes to blogging and keeping up with your posting schedule. I find it much easier when I have a whole month's worth of planned posts. This also allows me to take photos in bulk so I can find them ready when their time comes.

2. Join twitter chats

I don't know how but up until a few weeks ago I had never discovered twitter chats let alone participated in them. I have met so many lovely bloggers through twitter chats and I have always had a lot of fun when I took part in one.

3.  Re-share old content

I only started doing this recently and I wish that I had started doing it before. After working hard on a post you shouldn't just leave it to thrive on it's own! I use Buffer to schedule tweets with post links that are posted every few weeks to make sure that the post is not forgotten.

4. Quality over quantity

You may get falsely led to believe that producing as much content as you can will help to get your blog noticed. It is true that your blog stats will sky rocket but you won't get as many loyal readers if the posts are written without much thought put into them.

5. Learn when to say no

It is very exciting when you see an email from a brand that wants to collaborate with you and as a newbie blogger you will probably accept immediately without a second thought. But it might not be the best idea to accept to review a site selling pool floaties when you are a beauty blogger! On the other hand do not limit yourself and accept challenges that are out of your comfort zones from time to time.

6. Consistency is the key

This may not be do-able for everyone but I find that being consistent with posting is always better. This could be every day, two days or even a week. As long as it works for you.

7. Don't focus on the numbers

This is one of the hardest things for me since I spend a lot of time looking at my stats and worrying every time I lose a follower on Instagram! But to be honest looking at the number won't do anything and it's better to focus on sharing your content.

8. Get inspiration but never copy

When I get stuck in a rut I always head over to my favourite blogs or to Bloglovin' for some post ideas. But I emphasize on the word inspiration as no one likes to see posts that have clearly been copied and pasted.

9. Share the love

Everyone likes to feel appreciated so if you happen to come across a post that you like, leave a comment to tell them how much you love it!

10. Never publish anything that you would not read yourself

I left this for last as it is my favourite tip from this list. If you are about to publish a post that you would not actually ever click on yourself, then why are you actually sharing it? I believe that blogging should be a way of expressing yourself and sharing what you love so if one of your posts does not bring you happiness than consider changing it.

What are some other blogging tips that you would like to share? Leave them in the comments as I'd love to know!


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