Another month has flown by and now we're only a few weeks away from 2017! As usual I'll be rounding up my favourites of the month.

The Body Shop Love ETC perfume // Now that the weather is colder I have not been wearing my usual scent as I found it to be too floral. Instead I have been reaching for this one. Its quite a sweet scent with the main notes being vanilla and marshmallow but it also has a musky scent that lasts longer and so is perfect for winter. While looking around for the link I found that it has actually been discontinued but apparently Avon have a similar scent. 

Rosegal brush set* // A few weeks ago I reviewed a rosegold plated set which I really love and use everyday but I have been using these three brushes the most. The big brush is perfect for applying bronzer and powder since it's very light and fluffy. The smaller rounded brush works best for blush and highlight because of its size. Recently I have only been using this eyeshadow brush for my makeup looks (as you can probably tell!). Its perfect for applying the shades gently and easy to blend with.

Yankee Candle Merry Marshmallow // I love lighting candles in my room for ~ambiance~ and this has been my go to lately. It is basically the candle version of the perfume but obviously much sweeter. 

Essence sheer & shine lipstick in I feel pretty // This lipstick is a very lovely wearable plum shade and easy to build. It also leaves a shine to the lips that fades out slowly like the colour. It is not that longlasting to be honest but it's still great for adding a pop of colour to my makeup look.

Christmas Songs // I have a confession to make... I have been listening to Christmas songs since the start of November! I just find them really cheerful and get me in the mood of the season. A few weeks ago I made a playlist on spotify of my favourite songs so feel free to follow along. I will be adding more as time goes by.

Have you tried any of these items?