Spring Updates, 6 changes to make this Spring, spring cleaning

Now that Spring has begun, we can hopefully kiss the horrible cloudy weather goodbye although today is definitely not how the first day of Spring should be! In this post I am going to share my favourite ways to refresh and step into Spring on a much more positive note. (After last week's post where I went into a long rant about blogging, I felt like it's time for a new, much more cheerful one!)

Update your wardrobe

A way to start afresh is to sort out through your wardrobe (or chair-drobe in some cases). Go through each item to determine which items are to warm to continue wearing and which items you didn't even wear once. You can either donate them or throw away, depending on their condition. It can be hard to give away some things but I promise that you will feel like a new, lighter person afterwards. By doing a clear out you will be able to know if you need some new items for the new season and actually have a place where to put them!

Another way to update your wardrobe is to swap your staple items. So go on and swap the leather jacket with a jean jacket, your favourite woolly jumper for a lighter one and inject some colour into your wardrobe. These small changes can really help to refresh your look.

Change up your makeup

Going through your makeup is pretty much similar to cleaning your wardrobe and the same things apply. Empty your stash, throw out that old crusty mascara and reorganize. I always end up finding an old lipstick tucked away in some random corner when I finally decide to clear out my makeup. It feels like you have bought something new while not actually spending any money. Try to use something that you have not used that much in the last few months and you may be able to come up with a whole new spring makeup routine. Also, don't forget to clean those brushes!

Spring Updates, 6 changes to make this Spring, spring cleaning

Change your scent

The sense of smell is a very powerful one, so why not change up your signature scent to show a change. In the last few months I have been loving The Body Shop's Love etc. scent that I featured in my November favourites. It is quite a musky scent so it was time to pick a new one. For the last week I have been using their Japanese Cherry Blossom which is very floral and just screams spring.

Try something new

This could be anything that you wish to do! Take advantage of a the warmer and sunnier weather and go for a walk, try out a new carrot cake recipe, try a different makeup look, wear something that you would not normally wear, read a book or even take up a new hobby. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, just a little something to change up your day.

Spring Updates, 6 changes to make this Spring, spring cleaning

Clean your space

It's time for some spring cleaning! I will be the first to admit that I am very very messy and am unable to keep my room in an organized way for more than a few days. A weekly tidy up is a great way to tidy but a deep clean every season is always needed. 

Take out the rugs, place a trash bag and a few boxes on the floor and start throwing everything in the appropriate pile. (Singing off-key to Ed Sheeran is optional) By doing so you will have a clear and empty space at the end so you can easily place everything back in its place.

Change up the decor

Do you still have a few red, glittery Christmas baubles still hanging on a random handle? (If so you're not alone) After clearing away your things, take a look around and see whether you need to update or add a few decorative items. Check whether you have some items tucked away or go and buy some new things. Alternatively you can create your own Spring themed frames if you're feeling crafty.