spring trends 2017

With the change of season there also comes a change in fashion. New trends can be seen on the catwalk and worn by the top fashionistas. This is just a small collection of the top spring 2017 trends that I have seen this season.

Gingham has made a comeback and is mostly seen in tops and dresses sometimes accompanied by ruffles and wide sleeves.

Off the shoulder tops are here to stay. This trend was one of my favourites last summer and I'm happy to still see it around. Off the shoulder clothes are very elegant while also elongating your neck.

What is spring without some floral dresses? There is no better time to wear flower patterns from head to toe than this season. Floral patterns in the form of embroidery are also popular and it's a trend that I can't seem to get enough of.

Pinks, especially blushed pinks, are very easy to incorporate into your spring wardrobe. I have not been into wearing a lot of  pink in the last few months but I am now back to liking this lovely shade.

Collared shirts are round the year essentials but I find that they are perfect for spring time. They are not too warm and are easy to layer for extra warmth if needed.

The last trend is that of bold, bright stripes. I am a lover of all things stripes and half of my wardrobe probably consist of them. In fact I'm wearing a striped top right now! Although I usually go for smaller stripes I am more than ready to embrace the bolder striped look.

What are some of your favourite trends this Spring?