sunday catchup, university, moving

Hello! By this point, I'm pretty sure that you have all forgotten about me and my blog! I had even forgotten about my blog for the past month. It's been super hectic recently so let me rewind a bit.

During the past month, I have travelled twice, moved and started university. There have been many happy and stressful times. The last thing that I posted here was the first travel post. I planned to put up the second one a week later but then it got a bit too crazy. A few days after arriving back home, I received my exam results which determined if I would go to uni or not. I had been dreading this day as I was so sure that I had failed. After stressing too much about opening the results, I found out that I had actually passed and got better results than I had ever anticipated. I was so happy and I still can't believe it. 

Now I had to start preparing for the next step, packing. Mind you, university was starting a week later. Since I don't live on mainland Malta, it takes me more than a 2-hour trip to reach my destination which includes riding a ferry and catching a bus (which is basically a nightmare thing to do in Malta!). The only reasonable thing for us living in Gozo, is to move closer. If anybody has moved house you will know that it's a very stressful thing to do. So now I live in a flat with my roommates in a totally different place and life. It was strange at first but now I've settled in quite well. 

As for University in general, I think it's going quite well. I am following a degree in Communications and I'm loving it so far. It is all about studying the way people communicate and interact with each other, be it face to face or online. I still have no idea what I exactly want to do in the future so this course is perfect for me since it can lead to many different career paths. 

Now that everything seems to have calmed down and I'm getting used to the new routine, I felt like it was time to get back into blogging because I do miss just sitting down and writing whatever comes to my mind. So basically that's what has been happening in my life. I'm sure that a lot of you are in the same place as me or have recently been through this change so I hope that you understand the lack of activity on here.