Croatia Travel Diary

As promised here are a few snaps from my holiday back in September. Apart from Croatia we also visited the neighbouring countries of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. Since I had never been to this area of Europe before I found the countries more interesting and I loved learning about their history.

Our hotel was situated in Dubrovnik overlooking the new port and fortunately we had a room with an amazing view. Watching the sunset every evening was definitely one of the highlights.

On the first day we visited the nearby town of Cilipi. There we were shown a traditional dance and also given a taste of a local alcohol which might I add was quite nice. We also visited the local museum which featured the town's history and traditional costumes.

In the evening we visited the old city of Dubrovnik but we were caught in a huge downpour hence the lack of photos. But it did not matter as we had a whole morning in the old city the next day. We visited the most prominent places, wandered through the alleys and walked along the Stradun - the main street. Fun fact: some scenes in Game of Thrones were filmed in the old area of Dubrovnik. There are many tours that specialise in these scenes, if it's something that interests you.

My favourite day of the whole week was a boat ride visiting two of the islands near Dubrovnik. On the island of Lopud, we found a beautiful beach that was nestled between two hills. The water there was so calm as opposed to the choppy sea on the other side. Unfortunately, I had left my swimsuit on the boat so I couldn't go for a swim. There was also an area with hammocks hanging from the trees. Of course, I fell to the ground on the first try! The second attempt was a bit more successful. I did end up swimming on the second island of Šipan although the beach wasn't as nice.

Another place that I enjoyed was Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It felt like I was in a place like Turkey and not in the middle of Europe! The narrow winding streets were filled with tapestries, ornaments, lamps and Turkish coffee. I also went over the famous bridge that is definitely not the safest thing to climb. The only thing that I didn't enjoy that much about this place was that there were a lot of pickpockets and beggars that would follow you around. So be warned.

We also visited the towns of Budva and Kotor in Montenegro. Kotor is a medieval fortified town that has many beautiful buildings. While Budva is also a fortified city, it is situated right by the sea. It has many beaches and restaurants by the shore. We ate lunch at one of these restaurants and it was a very nice experience.

On the last day, we went on a ride on the Neretva river. The place is really nice and calm and at the end we got to enjoy a delicious lunch. I was too hungry to remember to take a photo of it!

Of course these are only a few photos from the whole week as I couldn’t possibly fit a week's amount of photos in one post. Maybe I'll do a part 2 in the future. 

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Have you visited any of these places?


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  1. The view from your room was beautiful! I really want to visit Croatia in the near future, it seems to be such a beautiful and rich country. Learning about the traditions and history must have been so interesting!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Travel - England's Smallest City |

    1. It was, hardly knew anything about this area! Really recommend visiting Croatia for a different taste of Europe :)

  2. It is such a beautiful country! I hope to visit again soon. Totally agree with you on the hammocks haha :)


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