Spring Catch Up

How is everybody doing? I haven't sat down and wrote whatever came to my mind in a while. In fact, in the last catch up I was still excited about starting university and autumn had just started. So it's about time I did another update. (I also didn't want to just plonk a few photos of myself so decided to take this as an opportunity to write a bit of a longer post)

New Yorker Shirt // Terranova Jeans // New Look Loafers // Primark Belt // Zaful Necklaces // Zaful Sunglasses // Zaful Earrings

I took quite a few breaks from blogging in the last months, as you can probably tell from the lack of activity on here. I was just not feeling like myself and decided it would be better to step away for a while than upload crappy content. At one point I thought that I would just stop as I felt like this blogging thing wasn't made for me. But during the Easter holidays I found myself having more time than usual and I thought I would give this another try. Since then I have been uploading constantly and I'm having so much fun doing it. I had forgotten how much I actually enjoyed taking photos and writing!

This time I have taken a bit of a different stance to blogging as I have been focusing more on my social media, mainly Instagram and Facebook, which I update nearly everyday. My accounts managed to reach 2000 and 900 followers respectively in the last weeks so it gave me a bit of a positive boost and motivation to keep going! Thank you again and if you don't follow yet, feel free to do so. 

This does not mean that I'm abandoning my blog at all. Since the start of this blog nearly 4 (!!) years ago, it has gone through many ups and downs but I could never have the heart to just stop! I have decided to stick to one blog post per week so I can have time to create a proper post and still have time for other things in my life.

Another thing that I decided to update was the newsletter services. The previous service was quite old looking to I decided to transfer it over to Mail chimp which looks much nicer. Click here, if you would like to receive a weekly newsletter of my latest content right in your inbox.

Today's outfit consists of these mom jeans I've been loving. Never thought that I would like anything apart from skinnies but these are so comfortable! The shirt looks really nice with these jeans and gives a bit of a professional vibe to the somewhat casual look. Since the weather has warmed up a bit I can now take out my loafers again. Although I do need a new pair because these ones look a bit battered. I finished the look with some accessories that I impulse purchased lately. But hey, they look cute.  I also like to think that these sunglasses make me look cooler than I actually am (probably not).

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