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Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. 

I have always loved to be creative and lately, I have been creating quite a few projects of my own such as the recent De Séné branding and packaging project. My internship with a local agency as a graphic designer has really improved my designing skills and I feel like I am able to create things much easier and have a better outcome. Due to the amount of work I have, I haven't really had the time and energy to create my own personal projects but a few days I decided that I wanted to change my phone and laptop wallpaper. I saw this as a great opportunity to try my hand at creating my own designs so I opened my laptop and started playing around with some ideas! 

The designs I created were inspired by warm summer colours and I tried to add some elements that I have been loving such as the monstera leaf and dotty patterns. I created 3 'collections' with two variations of the design. I also went ahead and created a version for the computer for each design.

I'm really happy with how they turned out and I think that my phone and laptop look great with their new look! What do you think? Since I'm quite happy with the results, I thought I might as well share them with you all.

To download, simply click on your chosen design and save to your device!

Waves Collection


Monstera Leaf Collection


Make it happen Collection


I hope you'll enjoy your devices' new looks as much as I do! you can download as many images as you would like and they are all free of charge. This goes without saying, but please do not try to sell these artworks as your own! Thank you for reading!

Sarah xx


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