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“Ara jghajnuk!” (Be careful, or you will get cursed!)

If you're Maltese, you have heard this being said at some point in your life, most probably coming from your mother or grandmother followed by the “qrun” (horns) sign as a form of counter-attack on the evil eye. But do we actually know the origins of this elusive Maltese superstition?

The Eye of Osiris can be found in many places around the world but the stories behind it are often similar. The “evil eye” is commonly understood among the Maltese population as a process whereby someone places harm and misfortune on their enemy, due to some form of greed or jealousy. Such an example would be where one compliments their rival on what a beautiful carpet they have and the next day this person wakes up to find their house flooded and the carpet ruined. One would say that the carpet was cursed.

Cases of the evil eye can be traced back to the time of the Inquisition (1561 - 1798). As time went by and the numbers of these “cursing” cases grew, so did the trade of trinkets and ornaments that promised to ward off evil.

Many years have passed since these ages but today we are still influenced by these superstitions, whether we want to or not. It is now part of our culture and we can still be seen donning these charms and occasionally return a snide compliment with the two-finger sign. Besides, if you pass by any port in Malta you will see the traditional boats which have two eyes in the front to ward off the evils in the deep sea.

If snippets of history fascinate you or you’re superstitious then you should consider grabbing yourself a beautiful Evil Eye Pendant from Gram Collections. The pendant has glass details and is available in a choice of either 18ct solid gold or 925 silver gold to suit your personal style. You can also check out some other pendants related to Maltese heritage such as the horn lucky charm pendant, the Maltese cross pendant, and the zircon cross pendant.

When ordering from Gram Collections shipping is free if you live in Malta, while it is free for orders over €60 for the rest of the world. I definitely recommend checking out their vast range of jewellery pieces!

Do you consider yourself to be superstitious?

Sarah xx 

*Item is gifted but all opinions are my own*


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