7 Series to Binge Watch Right Now

If you know me, then you'll know I'm an avid series watcher. I love getting immersed in other worlds for a short period of time and forget about my own problems. I'm always looking for the next series to watch and I thought you might enjoy a list of recommendations too.


1. The Umbrella Academy

If you don't watch anything on this list, at least watch this show! I loved the first season when I watched it last year and I couldn't wait till the second season came out last July...I ended up binge-watching it all in a day.

The series is based on Gerard Way's comic books of the same title which revolves around the dysfunctional lives of 7 children with superpowers that were adopted by a strange and wealthy man. These children are trained to be superheroes and fight crime. The series picks up years later on the now estranged family, reuniting after the mysterious death of their father. What follows is a wonderful and mind-blowing journey where the siblings must come together to save the world.

This series has got everything; superhuman powers, unexpected twists, sibling rivalry, time travel, questionable romantic relationships, amazing character arcs and action-packed fight scenes.  Above all, it has an impeccable choice of music that perfectly fits within each scene.

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2. Why Women Kill

I recently decided to watch this show after having seen various clips pop up from time to time. This series revolves around the lives of 3 couples, all living in the same house but in different time periods - one in the 60s, one in the 80s and another in 2019. All are having some type of marital problem and the show chronicles the women's story and what drove them to kill. Since us the viewers know from the start about the murders, we are kept on the edge throughout. We know that the murders happen but not when, how and why it will happen, or who will eventually end up dead. 

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3. Down to Earth with Zac Efron

I have always loved watching documentaries and well, everyone loves to watch Zac Efron! I didn't have any high expectations going into this Netflix series but I was quite pleasantly surprised. Down to Earth is not your usual travel documentary as each episode revolves around a topic or issue which we are facing today such as renewable energy, sustainability, beekeeping and pollution and more.  Zac and his co-host, Darin, come across as being very humble and appreciative towards the cultures and people that they meet throughout their travels. I highly recommend this series if you're looking for something easy to watch, yet informative and entertaining.

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4. Love on the Spectrum

Love on the spectrum is an Australian reality dating show which follows the lives of 7 young adults who are on the autism spectrum. I am not very knowledgable about autism so it was really interesting to learn how different autism can be for every person. Also, Jimmy and Sharnae are such an adorable and understanding couple!

This show proved to be a mix of emotions - funny, sweet, heartbreaking and heartwarming. If you're looking for your next dating show fix but with a twist, then definitely give this Netflix series a go. 

5. Euphoria

Euphoria has been a series, I have heard about a lot but never got around to watching it. The show centres around the life of Rue (Zendeya), a teenager battling drug addiction and fresh out of rehab. This doesn't mean that she is cured and is planning on staying sober. Besides Rue's wins and downfalls in school, friendships and addiction we are also introduced to the troubles of other people whose lives somehow intertwine with hers. The show manages to deal with so many issues faced by teenagers while presenting them in a true and sometimes shocking way.  

Overall it was an amazing series and I basically watched it all in two days! The storyline and characters are so well thought out and conveyed. Apart from that, the clothes and makeup are a masterpiece themselves. 

6. Friday Night Dinner

Is there a series that you just love to go back to? This one is mine. This British comedy show is the perfect one to watch after a long day or if I just want a pick me up as it never fails to make me laugh. 

In every episode, the Goodman Family attempts to have a normal family dinner on Friday evenings but everything always turns chaotic. Although the characters are somewhat eccentric, we can all somehow relate the storylines to our own families. Everyone is a bit weird and strange from the outside perspective after all!

7. Sacred Lies 

The award for the most surprising series I stumbled upon goes to...Sacred Lies. I was just casually scrolling on Facebook when I came across a trailer for a series that it entirely streamed on the app. I then proceeded to binge the whole second called The Singing Bones!

This basic premise of both seasons is that of solving a murder mystery. In the first season, we follow the life of a girl who runs away from a cult whose leader mysteriously dies. The second season (the one I watched), follows Evie who was abandoned by her father as a child. She has been going from foster home to foster home for all her life and has been left traumatised by this experience. Meanwhile, a woman who has decided to dedicate her life to identifying unsolved cases takes on a case of a Jane Doe and her investigations lead her to Evie. From here on secrets and lies begin to unravel and Evie suddenly finds herself confused more than ever about her past. 

If you love drama and somewhat horror series, this one is for you as it will surely keep you on the edge throughout the whole screening. 

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I hope that this list gave you some ideas on what to watch next and if you have any other recommendations let me know in the comments below!

PS. How cute did this illustration end up looking? I've been playing a lot with flat design lately and I'm loving it!

Sarah xx

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