Hi! Pretty sure you don't remember me. I'm the girl who decides to restart her blog a million times and then forgets about it once life gets a ~bit~ too hectic. 

For the past 12 months, since I last wrote on here, I have been trying to navigate through life after graduating which I believe is always a very strange time to adjust to. On top of that, there was a little thing called covid that was still very present and very much life-affecting.

For some reason, that I cannot understand, I decided to stop creating content for What Sarah Writes. Now I do not have many hobbies so I do not know why I decided to take a break that eventually ended up being a whole year. The only conclusion that I have come to is that I simply felt overwhelmed with things on my plate and quite burned out after a summer of interning full time and following an evening course. So come October I was like, ok this was enough work, now I need to take a step back. Instead, I did a complete 180 and ended up letting go of any extra things. 

Looking back, I also think that back in September we were kind of going out of that first covid wave and life was kind of getting back to normal. Restarting this blog was one of the things I did during the March lockdown and as the months went by my mindset had changed. For a few months, I was very unmotivated but eventually, I was very lucky to get a job working in marketing, social media and design and a role within a student organisation which were my creative outlets and gave me a sense of direction.

Now fast-forwarding to the current day. Recently I have been feeling a bit lost with where I'm going and I want to do something else besides my everyday routine. My first step in moving past this phase is to invest in my interests yet again. So here I am giving blogging another try. It does feel a bit unusual and as I am not sure how and if I fit into the space but I want to do this only out of interest and hopefully, things will fall into place on their own. 

Thank you for reading! Check back soon for more lifestyle, beauty, fashion and home posts or head over to the archive to give my older posts a read.



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