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So, I don't know how this happened but last week I turned the big '18' and I'm now officially an adult! I still feel like a child who needs their mum to call the dentist and make an appointment for them! Basically, I'm trying to say that I don't think that I am ready yet but who is ever ready?

zaful trousers, eighteen, birthday
zaful trousers, eighteen, birthday
zaful trousers, eighteen, birthday
Top New Look // Trousers Zaful* // Heels New Look // Necklace Boho Queen

When I was little I always thought of 18-year-olds as having their life together, know how to do adult-y things and have everything figured out. And it turns out that the reality is completely different! (At least for me) The last thing that I am right now is having my life just like how I want it!

I'm going to be honest and say that last year wasn't the easiest. I went through a few ups and downs. School life wasn't the best for me and I felt like I couldn't belong. The subjects I was studying didn't feel right and in general, I didn't feel like I was in my place. I didn't have any major problems but the little things felt much bigger to me and I felt sad and alone. I'm sure that I wasn't the only one although it does feel so when you get caught up in your own thoughts. 

Now that I have turned 18, I have a whole new year in front of me. Although I already didn't start it on the right foot, I hope that the extra year that I have grown will help me to handle things better than I would have before. So here's to another year of figuring things out and trying to improve as a person.

For my birthday dinner with my family, I decided to wear these cigarette trousers* in the hopes of looking more *mature*. I don't know if it worked but I still liked the outfit. If you're ever in the mood of shopping on Zaful don't forget to use the code Zafulxie10.

E i g h t e e n

Sunday, 23 July 2017

summer wardrobe essentials, summer fashion, zaful, rosegal
Striped Crop Top // Floral Denim Shorts //  Red Wrap Dress // Embroidered Romper // Layered Necklace //  Yellow Floral Top // Woven Beach Bag

The temperatures are soaring, the sun is shining all day long and I can barely move a few feet without breaking into sweat! That only means that summer is in full swing.

With the heat being nearly unbearable, the thought of putting together an outfit can be a hassle. So the best thing is to have a nice selection of light and easy to throw on clothes.

I find that rompers are always a safe bet for summer. It's a whole outfit in one and can be either dressed up or down. (The only problem you might have is while going to the bathroom but it's a problem I can look over!) Dresses are another option that is easy to wear as again you instantly have an outfit that doesn't need to be thought through. Just pair it with some nice sandals and a shoulder bag and you're ready to head out.

Having a few tops at hand that can be worn both casually and more dressed up is also a great idea. Wear with a nice pair of denim jeans for an everyday look or add some dainty jewellery pieces that instantly make the outfit look ten times more put together. If you are like me and can't bear the heat any longer, you will be heading a lot to the beach or pool so a beach bag is a definite must.

All of the items featured are from Zaful and Rosegal which are online shopping sites that have a very wide variety of affordable clothing items. Beauty items, brushes and home decor bits are also available from these sites. When placing your orders don't forget to use the coupon codes Rosegalxie on Rosegal and Zafulxie10 on Zaful. I highly recommend checking them out as I love all the items that I own from these brands.

What are your summer wardrobe staples?

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Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

makeup for glasses, glasses, prescription glasses, tortoise shell glasses

As some of you might know, I recently started to wear glasses and have been loving my new look. The only downside is that sometimes glasses can make my eyes look tired or dull so I have been experimenting with makeup looks to see what works best. After testing out different ways of makeup application, I decided to share my top tips with my fellow eyeglass wearers. Obviously, I'm in no way saying that you should wear makeup because you have glasses. This is just something you can do from time to time. 

Glasses have a tendency to create shadows on the face and eyes while also hiding the eyes behind the frames. I have found that the trick is to emphasise the facial features more than you normally would. This post is also a collaboration with Optically and I would like to thank them for providing me with these beautiful frames. You can read more about Optically at the end of the post.

makeup for glasses, glasses, prescription glasses, tortoise shell glasses
makeup for glasses, glasses, prescription glasses, tortoise shell glasses

Contoured Face // Grab a bronzer and contour the cheekbones, forehead and nose. I found that contouring the nose is especially important if you have wider one like mine. The illusion of having a slimmer nose helps to balance out the frames. Add a bit of blush and finish off with a highlight on the high points of your face like the cupid's bow, the nose tip and on top of the cheeks. 

Bold Brows // By now everybody has heard the phrase "eyebrows frame the face" and I can't agree more with this statement. With glasses, you get get a pass at over drawing them a bit and going for a darker shade than usual. Also don't be afraid to emphasise the arch to create a bolder look. A little bit of highlight under the brow bone is the finishing touch.

makeup for glasses, glasses, prescription glasses, tortoise shell glasses

Dark Eyes // The eyes are obviously the most important feature that you should focus on. First off apply a decent amount of concealer to help eliminate the darkness and brighten up the face. Our goal here is to draw attention to the eyes and contrast them from the rest of the face. A trick that creates the illusion of larger and brighter eyes is to apply white eye pencil to the bottom waterlines.

Now take a warm brown shade on a blending brush and apply in the crease of the eye while also dragging it up higher. Taking a shimmery eyeshadow shade, apply lightly in the inner corners of the eye. Next, apply eyeliner or you can opt for something different. Take a dark brown shade and drag it along the top lash line for a softer and easier look. Also, take this shade along the bottom lash line to darken the eyes and make them stand out behind the glasses. The last step is to curl the lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara.

makeup for glasses, glasses, prescription glasses, tortoise shell glasses

It took me so long and so many attempts to finally take a decent photo of myself without having a reflection in the glasses. This is the best that I could do. I guess that I still have a long way to go until I master the art of taking selfies with glasses!

I was recently contacted by Optically to try out a pair of their glasses offering me to try out a pair of their frames. Seeing that I had just started wearing glasses I was very excited and I immediately accepted. Optically is an American Eyewear company that offers a wide array of Rx glasses, Non-Rx glasses and sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are also available. Most of the frames are very affordable starting from only $12. They also carry a premium range that includes designer frames with top brands such as Lacoste, Gucci and Marc Jacobs among others. 

The site is very user-friendly and the frames are easy to filter through. While browsing for a pair of glasses in the women's glasses section I found the 'try on' feature to be extremely helpful. The only thing that needs to be done is to upload a photo of yourself, locate the pupils and voila you now have a clearer idea of which frames suit you best. 

makeup for glasses, glasses, prescription glasses, tortoise shell glasses

After much deliberation, I decided to go for the Weldon 1718 C5* style. After two weeks of waiting I finally received my glasses and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The glasses were carefully packaged in a box lined with protective bubble wrap. Along with the glasses, I also received a gorgeous white case, a micro fibre cloth and a tiny screw driver. The frames themselves have tortoise shell print on the front and gold metal details which I love. They also fit perfectly on my face which is the most important thing! While looking delicate they are also very sturdy and lightweight. 

Unfortunately, these frames are now out of stock but no need to worry as I have rounded up some similar frames from Optically that are equally as pretty.

makeup for glasses, glasses, prescription glasses, tortoise shell glasses

Do you have any other tips for wearing makeup with glasses? I would love to hear them!

Makeup for Glasses | Glasses

Thursday, 6 July 2017

summer outfit, New Look shorts, Boohoo top, Zaful reflective sunglasses
summer outfit, New Look shorts, Boohoo top, Zaful reflective sunglasses
summer outfit, New Look shorts, Boohoo top, Zaful reflective sunglasses
summer outfit, New Look shorts, Boohoo top, Zaful reflective sunglasses
summer outfit, New Look shorts, Boohoo top, Zaful reflective sunglasses
Boohoo Top // New Look Shorts // New Look Belt (similar) // Peacocks Sandals (similar) // Zaful Sunglasses* // Zaful Choker* (similar)

Hello! I have been posting so sporadically lately and it seems like I can't get back my blogging mojo. I never post something if I don't feel like it so I will have to wait until a wave of motivation hits. I just hope that they will be a little bit more frequent from now on!

In today's outfit, I'm wearing some of my favourite summer items. I have recently taken a liking to light pink (as you can probably tell from my last outfit post). Up until recently, I was very much against wearing it so I don't know what has gotten into me. When I saw this oversized tee on Boohoo I was immediately drawn to it and I love the strappy details at the front.

I'm pretty sure that a pair of denim shorts are a staple in everybody's wardrobe. They are so versatile and easy to wear. Recently I picked up this pair from New Look. I don't know why but I always end up purchasing from New Look when I'm looking for some trousers or shorts. They always seem like they have the best fit for my body. This still doesn't eliminate the problem of the dreaded 'back gap' as no matter what I buy, I will always have to deal with this. This is where a belt comes in handy.

As for shoes, I decided to go with my gladiator sandals which were my favourites last summer and a choker* was my go to necklace. I completed the look with these reflective cat eye sunglasses* from Zaful which I have been wearing nearly every day. They are such a fun item to wear.

Also, can we all agree that Gozo is a gorgeous island?! I loved taking these photos overlooking the port and the Maltese islands. It looked so calm and peaceful.

As I said in my previous post, Zaful is currently celebrating their 3rd anniversary and they have so many sales and giveaways going on. Who doesn’t love giveaways? To learn more details about the giveaway you can head over the Zaful Official blog. I would appreciate it if you tag my name @whatsarahwrites after participating the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards. By participating you will be in the chance of winning a $100 gift card! Good luck!

Denim & Pink

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I'm a huge skincare fan so I'm always on the look out for new products to try out. When I spotted this on Zaful I was immediately drawn to it and I decided to pick it up for myself.

Multifunction Facial Cleaning Brush | Review

Thursday, 8 June 2017

april favourites, may favourites, makeup, wood watch, setting spray, eyeglasses

Hello! Since it's the end of start of another month, it's time for another favourites round up. In this post I have combined my April and May favourites in one as I did not use a lot of different items throughout the last months.

April & May Favourites

Thursday, 1 June 2017

pink buttom up dress zaful, zaful dress, spring fashion

The weather in Malta has finally cleared up and it's getting warmer every day! I love this time of the year when it's not too hot or too cold and the days are generally nicer although being in the middle of my A level exams has definitely made my recent weeks less enjoyable!

Spring Pink

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

heels, shoes, FSJshoes wishlist, New Look heels

I was recently introduced to FSJshoes and I loved their collection of footwear. At FSJshoes you can find a lovely selection of heels including stilettos and 4 inch heels. If heels are not your cup of tea, then you can also find flats, oxfords and sandals among other things. In today's post I put together some of my favourite shoes that I wish I could have in my closet right now.

The Spring/Summer Shoe Edit

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

3 step blackhead remover, blackhead facemask, banggood
3 step blackhead remover, blackhead facemask, banggood
3 step blackhead remover, blackhead facemask, banggood

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a lovely time over the Easter weekend and ate your body weight in chocolate eggs - that's what I did anyway! In today's post I will be reviewing a blackhead face mask from Banggood. 

3 Step Blackhead Remover | Review

Thursday, 20 April 2017

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