Nail Polish Tips

Here are some useful tips for getting a perfect manicure every time.

1.        Bubbles In Nail Polish

You may have applied too many coats and is too thick.Wait for the first coat to dry before doing the second one.Never shake the bottle.  Air gets trapped and forms bubbles.

2.      Prevent Chipping Polish

By applying a base and top coat your manicure will last longer.

3.      Fix Dried Nail Polish

Do you have a polish that you really like but has dried up? You don't have to throw it away. Just add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle and mix well. This dissolves the polish and turns it back to liquid.

4.     Harden the Nails

Nail polish remover makes the nails soft and weak.  Instead of removing all the polish after it chips, try fixing it. Apply some nail hardener. Keep the nails moisturized by rubbing some moisturizer or olive oil in the cuticle area. Don’t use your nails for everyday tasks.


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