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3INA longwear lipstick, 3INA lip pencil

It seemed like Christmas had come early when I opened my 3INA PR package! I was definitely not expecting that amount of beautiful products in the box. 

This was not the first time trying 3INA lip products as I was previously gifted a lipstick and liquid lipstick which I both loved. Their lipsticks are creamy and pigmented while the liquid lipsticks are not drying and stay put throughout the day. 

This package consisted of 6 longwear lipsticks, 6 lip pencils, a lip brush and a lip primer. As usual, I have to say that I love the packaging and I am guilty of still having a few old packaging lying around! The minimalist design complements and highlights the shades perfectly. 

3INA longwear lipstick, 3INA lip pencil
3INA longwear lipstick, 3INA lip pencil
Wearing The Longwear Lipstick 509 and The Lip Pencil 508

First, let's start with the Lip Primer*. The primer's job is to make the lips smoother and to also make the lipstick even more long lasting. It can also be worn on its own to care for the lips or oven on top to turn a lipstick into a matte finish one. This product comes in a tube so it provides an easy application. It is also clear so it can be used in combination with any colour you may want.

This package also came with the Lip Brush* which is very handy to use when applying any type of lip product. It makes application so much easier and the finished look will definitely look a lot neater when going in with the brush to clean up. 

3INA longwear lipstick, 3INA lip pencil

When I saw the contents of the box, I was most excited to try out the Longwear Lipsticks* and I was definitely not let down. The Longwear Lipsticks came in the shades 500, 501, 502, 503, 505, 507 and 508. I already owned shade 503 as it came in a previous package but I must say that the shades are completely different. The previous one is much darker than the new one. Maybe I’m just not seeing right or maybe it’s because it’s part of a new refurbished range. 

Obviously, I love all of the lipsticks but I am currently reaching out for the red shade (509) and the dark nude shade (505) the most. Apart from these 6 shades, there are 12 others to choose from so 20 in total. There are also some fun metallic effect shades available if you want to go for something extra!

To go along the Longwear Lipsticks, I was also gifted some of the 3INA Lip Pencils* that included the shades: 503, 504, 506, 509, 510 and 511. These lip pencils apply smoothly to the lips and the bonus part is that they all come with a lip brush attached to them! All the lip pencils couple up perfectly with a longwear lipstick such as pencil 506 with the red (509) and pencil 511 with the dark nude (505).

3INA longwear lipstick, 3INA lip pencil

If you are looking for a new affordable liquid lipstick that lasts all day, then head to a 3INA store and pick out one of their Longwear Lipsticks along with a Lip Pencil!

Which shades are your favourites?

Sarah xx

*These products were kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.


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