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Well hi hello, I do not know how to start.

First of all happy Easter and I hope that you and your families are all well. Second of all, this feels very strange to be writing on here again. My blog has been dormant for the past year and a half, since October 2018 to be exact. My life had changed quite a bit during that time, I had started my second year of University and I was busy trying to keep up, and all of a sudden I felt like my blog did not fit into my life anymore. As time went by I forgot about my little blog and for a while, I thought I would never be back...until now.

Unfortunately, we are currently living in very strange times and having to learn to adjust to the new 'normal'. The coronavirus has hit the world hard and Malta is not an exception. We are fortunate that the situation is still currently not totally out of hand but everyone is anxious and feeling like their world has turned upside down. The streets are basically deserted, everything is closed or cancelled and going to the grocer feels like an expedition. School has been closed for a month and will remain so until the next scholastic year. That also means that I will actually be finishing uni via zoom and hangouts classes and submitting my dissertation online. But at least I am grateful that graduations in Malta take place in December because I have seen so many posts from people who unfortunately will never get to have a proper ceremony. I am also grateful that my dissertation deadline was pushed forward due to the current situation because let me tell you, writing a dissertation during a pandemic is nothing but stressful!

So you might ask, why restart your blog now? The short answer is I'm bored in the house and I'm in the house bored (If you were wondering; yes, I have become addicted to TikTok). The long answer is that I have been at home for the past month working on my dissertation and I wanted to try to do something else besides just uni work and annoying my cat. A few days ago I remembered that I had not logged onto my blog in a really long time and decided to go take a look. What was supposed to be a short peak, ended up in a rabbit hole of reading old posts till about 2 am in the morning. (My sleep schedule is horrendous at the moment. Please don't judge me) I was getting a bit emotional while reading all the posts I had created over the years and it got me thinking about all the memories of taking photos, planning posts and writing. That is when I had the thought about restarting blogging...and so here I am today! I am hoping that keeping a blog will be a great way of spending self-isolation and occupying my thoughts.

Previously my blog was filled with makeup and outfit posts, and while I still like these things they are no longer as important to me. Besides, I have barely worn any makeup in weeks and I have been practically living in hoodies, sweatpants and PJs! (Not really photo-worthy to be honest) Therefore, I am planning on writing posts that are more lifestyle and opinion-based, with a few beauty or fashion posts thrown in the mix from time to time. You can also expect some home-related posts as I have recently been making over my room and have become a bit obsessed with scouring the internet for nice home decor pieces. I'm loving how my room is turning out and hopefully, I will be dedicating a few posts on the renovation.

That's all for today. I hope this post actually makes sense as I feel like I have been rambling on and on without any direction. All I have left to say is to stay home, stay safe and see you soon!

Sarah x

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